I am a holistic health coach who supports busy women to press the reset button on their health.

It’s a common story these days. Women juggle many things: career, kids, managing the home. All too often we are busy looking after everything and everyone else, everyone but ourselves.

We don’t always take the time to breathe, to nourish ourselves, but race from thing to thing, grabbing a coffee here, a snack there, and maybe a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. This is fine for a short time, but when you’ve been neglecting your own self-care for a few years it starts to take its toll. You’re feeling tired and sluggish, your energy is low, you may have developed a few food sensitivities and your gut is out of whack, your hormones too. You visit a GP, they run some blood tests and tell you it’s all normal and you’re just getting older…

I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Through my 12 week 1:1 personalised coaching program you can press the reset button on your health and reclaim your vitality.

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Emma Bliss

Emma Bliss is a Certified Health Coach, having trained with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Integrated Iridology, and Tyler Tolman.

She is an IIPA Certified Comprehensive Iridologist and has completed further studies in Plant-Based Nutrition, Gut Health, Hormone Health, Emotional Clearing, Momentum Coaching, and the use and application of Frequencies and Essential Oils. She is currently working with Tyler Tolman as one of his recommended coaches.

Emma came to this work after almost 20 years of trying all the different diets under the sun, and eventually finding her vitality and healing herself with food, oils, and fasting. Now that she has found a way to navigate all the conflicting information, she has dedicated her life to supporting others to find their way to better health.

Emma offers health assessments using iridology and sclerology to identify nurture points in the body. The eyes are more than just a window to the soul, they also give us insights into what is going on inside our bodies. They enable us to identify our primary nurture points and uncover areas of weakness and congestion before illness occurs.

You may have seen a doctor and come to her with a diagnosis and some clear goals that you are working towards to heal yourself. Emma can look beyond the symptoms and uncover underlying factors which may be contributing to your condition and will work alongside your doctor to support you to regain your health.

Like many of us, maybe you just know something isn’t quite right, you’ve seen your doctor who ran a few tests told you there’s nothing wrong, maybe they even said “You are just getting old!”. We don’t accept this as true, there is always something we can do to create more energy and vitality. Working with Emma on personalised program to cleanse and nourish your body will have you feeling full of energy and vitality in just a few weeks.

Emma offers a free 15-minute discovery call so you can chat and see if this is the right path for you.

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