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Jul 23, 2022 | Health & Wellbeing

It was my own health journey that brought me to a place where I began to see food as medicine and that healing with whole food was possible. 

My journey wasn’t a straight line – in fact a lot of the time it seemed like it was one step forward and two steps back. Along the journey I discovered the power of fasting, healed myself of PCOS began eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, cleaning up my diet and eliminating certain foods.  

I decided to retain as a health coach in 2017 and did the IIN HCTP. On graduating I signed up for more IIN courses and started trying to create a health coaching practice of my own. It was hard going. I was working from home, and was single parent home educating my son so my time, connections and resources were all seriously limited. 

I had been following Tyler for a while. I actually got on his mailing list after googling enema kits. Every now and then I have big mailing list cull and unsubscribe, but Tyler kept making it through. When the virus hit and Tyler decided to take his events on line I was one of the first to sign up for the 3 day HEAL event. 

For most of that first day I found myself thinking, I know that, I know that too, I’ve done that…  it was like everything that came out of Tylers mouth I knew at my core to be true. He had taken all of the pieces of puzzle I had been working with and made them into a simple and easy to follow system. I also felt like I had finally found my tribe, and I knew right there and then that I was going to be one of Tylers one day. This is where I am meant to be – the last 10-15 years finally made sense. 

As a scientist, I do love things to be backed up by science. Not everything – I do accept that there are some things that science can’t explain as yet, but having some evidence that the protocols and practices work is important to me. Knowing that the Seven Principles of Health are practiced by the worlds longest lived cultures means a lot. Seeing the evidence that has emerged from the  China Study as the diet becomes more westernised is compelling. Having juiced and fasted myself and seen dis-ease in my own body reverse is powerful. 

Tyler also teaches iridology and sclerology, tools that help you really get to the core of what is going on for a client. Often people come to a health coach when they are not feeling great but the doctor has no answers. “I’m sure I shouldn’t feel this way” “but your blood tests say you are fine”. At first I just thought it was a great way to open up conversations with the client, but after looking at few pairs of eyes I soon realised that it is way more than that. You can really see what health potentials have been inherited and what the person has accumulated over their lifetime. Once identified, there are foods, oils, herbs, practices and emotional remedies to address the problem, Healing the major organs can help us to treat the underlying causes of dis-ease. 

As a coach, finding this community has been amazing. I have the support of all the other coaches and Tyler, so I am no longer alone. I also get a page on the website, a booking system, all of the legal stuff taken care of. Tyler has a wide audience of ideal clients that come to his space specifically for what we offer. There are several events HEAL, Tolman Health Academy, the FAST, and Know Thyself on offer and also one to one and group coaching options. 

In summary, I get leads and support, but also get to remain self employed and autonomous. The best of both worlds. I am now able to generate a full time income through doing what I love.

If you’re wondering if training to be a Tolman Health Coach could be the right thing for you, please reach out and book a call with me. 

If you want to know more about what’s on offer, check out our Free Resources. 

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