Exploring the Many Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Jan 16, 2024 | Natural Remedies

Hydrogen water has recently gained attention as a key player for health and longevity. As always, I love to experiment with these ideas personally, as well as diving into the science behind the claims. 

I’m writing this post from a little cabin in the rainforest  in Yaroomba, Queensland. I brought myself here for a three day hydrogen water fast, which I completed yesterday. I made my hydrogen water using this hydrogen water bottle, and I can honestly say I had no detox symptoms on the fast, despite it being just after Christmas where I ate and drank, well, like it was Christmas!

My skin is also feeling amazing. So soft and hydrated. This could be the change in climate too, there is much more moisture in the air here than where I usually live. But maybe the hydrogen helped. I guess I’ll put that to the test when I get home.

I usually find day two of a water fast is the worst for me, so when I got to the end of day two feeling clear and energised, I decided it was time to take a deep dive into the science. Here are some of the things I found. 

Hydrogen water aids hydration and reduces edema

Molecular hydrogen can improve or enhance cellular hydration by acting on aquaporin (proteins that facilitate water movement through cell membranes) activity, but cannot increase cellular hydration above what is optimal for a cell. Of course it is the water that does the hydrating, but having the extra hydrogen helps it get into the cells. This study on rats with cerebral edema shows that it can go both ways, helping water out when there is too much as well as helping it in. 

Hydrogen water acts like an antioxidant in the body

You will find many things on the internet saying that hydrogen water is an antioxidant, but current scientific evidence suggests that this is not technically true. Rather than being an antioxidant itself, it seems that molecular hydrogen works on the antioxidant system within the cell by up-regulating the Nrf2 pathway, therefore making all other antioxidants more effective, including the ones we make ourselves. This is how molecular hydrogen exerts it’s antioxidant effect.

This is not the end of the story though. It seems that the mechanism by which molecular hydrogen operates is even smarter than that. Emerging research suggests that it is selective, targeting only the harmful free radicals and leaving the beneficial free radicals needed for optimal cell function alone. This makes it superior in effect to true antioxidants.

Molecular hydrogen has anti-inflammatory effects

“Inflammation has long been a well-known symptom of many infectious diseases, but molecular and epidemiological research increasingly suggests that it is also intimately linked with a broad range of non-infectious diseases, perhaps even all of them.” Philip Hunter – The Inflammatory Theory of Disease – Pub Med

Molecular hydrogen is a potential treatment option for inflammation due to its ability to:

  1. Reduce oxidative stress (see above)
  2. Down regulate pro-inflammatory cytokines
  3. Up regulate anti-inflammatory cytokines
  4. Prevent excessive inflammation

More information here

Molecular hydrogen has anti-aging properties

As well as reducing inflammation, having antioxidant properties and reducing edema, all common issues with aging, molecular hydrogen has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on DNA, thus furthering its antioxidant properties. A study on the effects of cigarette smoke showed that treatment with molecular hydrogen decreased levels of DNA damage. Also at a DNA level, telomere length has become a well known indicator of cellular aging, gradually getting smaller as we age, with diet and lifestyle having an impact on the rate of their shortening. A study of adults over 70 showed that six months of drinking hydrogen water reduced telomere shortening and thus could potentially become a recognised anti aging treatment.

Studies on the impacts on the skin also show a reduction in wrinkles and better hydration, as well as a healthier appearance due to the reduced inflammation.

Other benefits

Due to various combinations of above factors, consuming molecular hydrogen on a daily basis has also been shown to promote speedier post exercise recovery, faster recovery from injury and tissue damage, a feeling of more energy, clearer thinking and better sleep.

If you’d like to chat more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen and why I recommend this particular bottle, please book a free discovery call.

Disclaimer: This information is for education purposes only and should not be taken for medical advice. Always consult your own trusted physician prior to making any changes to diet and lifestyle or following any protocols you may find online. This article may contain affiliate links.