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At Vitality Village we bring together people who are ready to get serious about health and longevity to make time for ourselves, practice new habits and stay accountable to our own goals, so that we can experience energy, vitality and clarity, create a life of our own design, and add more life to our years.

What is Vitality Village?

The Vitality Village is an online community and coaching circle focused on health and longevity.

Here, we unite individuals committed to prioritising their well-being. We foster a space where you can invest in yourself, cultivate healthy habits, connect with others, be inspired and hold yourself accountable for your aspirations.

Our shared goal is to boost our energy, enhance our vitality, and attain mental clarity, all while crafting the life we really want to live.

Join us and add more LIFE to your years!

When You Join Vitality Village Today

You’ll get access to our:

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A community focused on building healthy habits, nutrition, and wellness practices. Improve your understanding of health and longevity, and apply this knowledge to make long-lasting, positive changes in your life.

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Group calls with like-minded individuals who share similar health and longevity goals. Participate in group discussions and receive moral support while making strides toward achieving your objectives. The collective strength of your circle helps maintain motivation and overall success. 

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& Protocols

Access to your own members area on the learning platform, housing cleansing and detoxing protocols, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and other resources to support you on your health and wellness journey.

I am grateful and inspired to be part of what feels like a grass-roots movement of likeminded individuals who truly embody being responsible for self-care and growth. This community provides me with a safe space to be myself, at whatever stage I am at on my journey.

I can come and check-in, define my own goals and have support keeping me accountable each week. I can ask questions and be given amazing guidance and

What I appreciate most about Vitality Village is how personal it feels. A space I feel welcome and can be open to a real connection with other people on the same
path as me, to become healthier each day, continue learning and growing to help others wanting to do the same.

Kat Jolley

Melbourne, Vic

Join the Vitality Village to invest in your well-being, build healthy habits, and connect with a community that fuels your energy and clarity.

Together, we’re crafting the life we desire. Add more LIFE to your years with us!

A community inspired by past clients looking for ongoing support after their program

  • Includes weekly calls
  • Group coaching
  • Resources housed in members area
  • Inspiration
  • Accountability to your own goals
  • Connection with likeminded people

Plus reduced rates to online courses & coaching programs.

This is truly a community that supports one another. I came on-board to heal and find support and this space definitely delivers this and so much more. Emma, thank you so much for creating this space.

One of the areas I found missing when doing programs was when you finished I wasn’t sure where to go from there for ongoing support, Vitality Village started as that space. It has become so much more with people from all areas coming together and sharing their knowledge, and providing support.

Love the continuing education and the opportunity to give back to the community as well. It has helped me keep on track and grow.

Love you guys.
Thank you.

Tao Jordan

Geraldton, WA

Meet Your Host

Hey, I’m Emma. I am a HCANZA accredited Health Coach having trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have additional studies in Gut Health, Hormone Health, Detoxification, Plant-Based Nutrition, Emotional Eating Psychology, Emotional Healing and Integrated Iridology (IIPA.Certified). I firmly believe in the symbiotic relationship between health and happiness. My mission is to empower you to enhance both aspects, infusing vitality and joy into your daily experiences, ultimately adding more life to your years.

Some Facts About the Power of Community

Community is the best way to navigate change! 

In a rapidly changing world, traditional resources quickly become outdated. Communities provide a powerful means to adapt because they allow for the collective gathering of observations, challenges, and real-time collaboration, enabling members to navigate change more effectively.

Community for Habit Building and Identity Shaping! 

Communities offer a unique environment for building new practices and changing habits. They provide social momentum, inspiration, and accountability that surpass individual self-discipline. Additionally, being part of a community supports the development of a new identity by reinforcing progress and aligning it with desired personal transformations.

Community for Achieving Results and Transformation! 

Successfully managing change, developing new practices, and shaping a new identity through a community creates the greatest potential for achieving results and transformation in one’s life. A community’s collective support accelerates personal growth and success.

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