About Emma Bliss

Hey, I’m Emma, and I’m here to inspire you to really LIVE a life you LOVE. 

I am more than just a health coach. In addition to supporting you to reboot your health so that you have more energy and vitality than you have felt in a long time, I will also support you to channel that energy into creating a life of your own design, doing more of what you love, and prioritsing brings you bliss.

Two major events in my life led me to the coaching work I do today.

The first was a serious motorcycle accident in Thailand in 1999. I had been in a really stressful job, working ridiculous hours and taking on way more responsibility than I should. My nervous system was fried, anxiety and depression were constantly by my side. I was desperate for change and had left my home country on a one way ticket knowing that whatever happened would be better than staying where I was.

In Thailand I began to relax, I checked in to a monastery and studied meditation, I lived on an isolated beach with no power and learned to live simply with the rhythms of nature, to sleep when the sun set and wake when it rose. I swam in the ocean and hiked through the jungle. I basked in the sun, drank only water and ate all natural foods. I met some amazing people living a life of their own design.

Portrait of Emma Bliss
Bliss Health Coaching Vertical Banner in front of office bookcase.

I describe the accident as the best thing that ever happened for me. The hospital was very low tech and I was literally healed by the love of strangers. I was happy to be alive for the first time in years. I resolved to live differently, to make my life count, to do more of what I love and inspire others to do the same. I found my Bliss.

The second event was being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and told I was unlikely to have children unless I went on medication. I took the meds for two days. They made me feel terrible. I questioned if putting drugs into my system was really the best way to prepare my body for growing a human and the answer was a clear no. I stopped the medication and began searching for other solutions. This lead me to changing my diet and lifestyle and then to fasting and detoxing. I conceived easily after my second water fast at the age of 39.

All of this led me to change my career from being a science teacher to a holistic health coach. In addition to a lot of personal development, I have completed lots of formal study in the areas of health, nutrition and coaching.


I am now a Certified Health Coach, having trained with:

I am an IIPA Certified Comprehensive Iridologist and a HCANZA registered Health Coach and have completed further studies in:

  • Plant-Based Nutrition,
  • Gut Health,
  • Hormone Health,
  • Emotional Eating Psychology,
  • Whole Person Health,
  • Detoxification,
  • Emotional Healing,
  • Momentum Coaching, and
  • The therapeutic use and application of frequencies and Essential Oils.


Emma at the beach in her swimming costume during her summer beach challenge