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Reignite Retreats™

Bliss Health Coaching is pleased to be an ambassador for Reignite®, and encourage you to experience the magic of a Reignite Retreats™!

Dive into a transformative experience with Reignite Retreats, where their offerings go beyond the ordinary. Their retreats are a catalyst for powerful and lasting change, redefining your approach to well-being.

Feel the vibrancy of life as you immerse yourself in their 4 and 7-day transformational wellness retreats and adventures, providing the perfect escape to renew your energy and rejuvenate your mind. These experiences are crafted to ignite lasting change, allowing you to explore the power of personal transformation.

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Reignite Life™

Bliss Health Coaching is pleased to be an ambassador for Reignite®, and encourage you to explore Reignite Life’s organic, plant-based products that inspire humanity to live long and well.

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You may have read my in-depth article about my personal experiment with Hydrogen Water and the dive into the science behind the claims of its use for health and longevity. If not, check it out here Exploring the Many Benefits of Hydrogen Water. LumiVitae has introduced CellPower, the ultimate new Hydrogen Water Bottle designed to redefine your hydration and well-being. ORDER NOW and be among the very first people on the planet to hold this revolutionary new technology! Visit LumiVitae

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I began my health coaching career by studying the Health Coach Training Program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I have since completed several of their advanced courses and can whole heartedly recommend them.

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