Coaching with Emma

Helping you to achieve your health goals

I am inspired to help you to rediscover your inner vitality and experience more bliss. All of my coaching has a holistic approach, looking at whole person health through aspects of heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. I offer health assessments using Iridology and Sclerology to create a personalised coaching program. The eyes are more than just a window to the soul, they also give us information on your potential for health and disease. They offer an insight into what is going on emotionally as well as our physical body. They enable us to identify our primary nurture points and uncover areas of weakness and congestion so that we can take action before illness occurs.
Two ladies sitting at a table talking with a laptop in front of them.
Two ladies sitting at a table talking with a laptop in front of them.

You may have seen a doctor and come to me with a diagnosis and some clear goals that you are working towards to heal yourself.

We can look beyond the symptoms and uncover underlying factors which may be contributing to your condition and will work alongside your doctor to support you to regain your health.

Or, like many of us, maybe you just know something isn’t quite right, you’ve seen your doctor who ran a few tests told you there’s nothing wrong, maybe they even said “You are just getting old!”. We don’t accept this as true, there is always something we can do to create more energy and vitality.

We also look beyond the physical body to our mindset and emotional wellbeing. I help you to reconnect with what brings you joy, to identify your passions, to find meaning and purpose. We hack into the science of happiness and wellbeing, looking at lifestyle practices, foods, essential oils, frequencies and exercises that can help boost our natural production of anandamide, the “Bliss molecule” that affects overall health and creates a sense of happiness and wellness.

Working with me to cleanse and nourish your body and implementing lifestyle practices that boost your “Bliss molecules” will have you feeling full of energy and vitality in just a few weeks.

I offer two pathways. A personal 1:1 program and a group coaching program. Discover more about each of them using the links below, or book your free discovery call so we can chat and see which is the right path for you.

Two women sitting at a white table talking

1:1 Coaching

My 12 week 1:1 coaching program with a high level of support and accountability.

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Coaching Circle

My 8 week online group coaching program brings together the Bliss and the Health.