Eight Week Group Coaching

Are you ready to reclaim your vitality and add more life to your years?

In this eight week program you will transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed, from stressed out to blissed out, and from tired and wired to state of vibrant energy and vitality.

Who is it for?

This group coaching program is suitable for anyone ready to take action to reboot their health and experience more joy in their life.

Maybe you are facing some challenges with your health that you know a lifestyle change would help.

Perhaps you’re feeling old, tired, sluggish, lazy, hopeless or helpless and have started to wonder if it really is all downhill from here,

You could be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, stuck… 

Maybe you’re feeling depressed, devoid of passion and have lost your lust for life.

You may be completely new to detoxification and healthy living, you could be someone who’s been on this path for a while but lost your way, or maybe you just want to join us for an annual reboot.

Whichever one you are, this program is designed for your success, with weekly education and action to get you on the road to a healthier and happier version of you.

Over the Eight Weeks

We’ll cover the following topics:

A group from the Vitality Village Community sitting on grassed area

Education and

Busting the myths around what contributes to health, what creates dis-ease, and how you can take the reigns on your own wellbeing.

Two ladies sitting at a table talking with a laptop in front of them.

Cleansing and

Personalised cleansing and guided detoxification protocols specific to your individual needs.

Close up photo of a blue human eye

Nourishing Body,
Mind & Spirit

Create a sustainable diet and lifestyle plan, cultivate your own blissipline practices and cast a vision for your future of passion and purpose.

Program Outcomes:

Elevate your Blissfulness:

  • Uncover how stress could be impacting your sleep, weight, hormones and even your sex life;
  • Discover how your body is actually designed to create a blissful life experience by producing it’s own happy chemicals;
  • Curate and implement your own Blissipline practice.

Reduce toxin exposure:

  • Identify toxic ingredients in your food, household and personal care products;
  • Adopt practices to dramatically reduce and even eliminate your exposure to these chemicals;
  • Consider natural alternatives first when it comes to dealing with common ailments.

Cleansing and detoxing:

  • Use proven protocols to cleanse the digestive tract, remove mucoid plaque and eliminate parasites;
  • Participate in a group cleanse, with specific processes tailored to your individual goals;
  • Understand the role of the liver and complete a guided liver/gall bladder flush (optional).

Nourishing body mind and soul:

  • Implement diet and lifestyle practices to support ongoing and sustainable nourishment and detoxification;
  • Commit to periodically reflect, refine and redefine your enduring blissipline practice;
  • Connect with your passion, unleash your dreams, and create a vision for your own blissful life!

In this eight week program you will transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed, from stressed out to blissed out, and from tired and wired to state of vibrant energy and vitality.

Ready to cultivate your Blissipline and create a renewed zest for life?

Next Course Dates:

Enrolment opens 24th June 2024 and closes 22nd July 2024.

The preparation module (or week 0) starts 15th July 2024.

Week one begins on Monday 22nd July 2024 and will run for 8 weeks consecutively.

What’s included:

  • 1 x 1:1 session with Emma to identify your individual nurture points and goals
  • 8 group education calls 
  • 8 group coaching calls
  • A choice of cleanse options to suit your individual needs
  • Cleansing and detoxing protocols
  • Pre-recorded yoga classes to do in your own time
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Blissipline strategies 
  • Recipes and meal plans for your ongoing success beyond the program
  • Accountability & Connection 

Total Value $2,495


$888* for the eight-week group coaching.

*Please see the important information below regarding the additional items you will need for the coaching as well as some optional extras.

Need a payment plan? Book a call with me to discuss a suitable payment plan.

I found Emma to be the most amazing Health Coach.

Our journey together was life changing and opened a new way of thinking and ‘doing’. Her positive energy and enthusiasm was contagious, which made our weekly meetings such a rewarding experience.

I love the way Emma was able to question to get to the root cause of what was happening in my life in an non-judgemental way.

She has great knowledge and listening skills. Emma was open and honest, so I felt at ease and completely trusted her with my personal information. She provided me with additional resources to empower me to seek further knowledge and learning for my healing journey.

I am grateful to Emma for her wisdom, knowledge and guidance. Without hesitation I can definitely recommend her for any ones healing journey, to become the best version of themselves. Her motivation of, to “add more LIFE to years” is so true.



Meet Your Host

Hey, I’m Emma. I am a HCANZA accredited Health Coach having trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have additional studies in Gut Health, Hormone Health, Detoxification, Plant-Based Nutrition, Emotional Eating Psychology, Emotional Healing and Integrated Iridology (IIPA.Certified). I firmly believe in the symbiotic relationship between health and happiness. My mission is to empower you to enhance both aspects, infusing vitality and joy into your daily experiences, ultimately adding more life to your years.

Important Information

What else you’ll need:

  • 3 Tubs of Ultimate Fibre to cleanse the bowels and remove plaque and parasites
  • 1 Tub Revive premium blend of superfoods and tonic herbs
  • 1 Tub Super Binder premium blend of toxin binders and fibre
  • Detox Tea formulated to support the channels of elimination
  • Sleepy Tea formulated to support relaxation and sleep

(Please note these are the ideal products recommended for most people – alternative options can be discussed during your 1:1 call if you have any allergies or other reasons that prevent you from taking one or more of the above)

Optional Extras:

  • Food Grade Epsom Salt for Liver Flush
  • Six litres of fresh apple juice, 2 fresh ruby red grapefruit and organic extra virgin olive oil for the liver flush – not needed until week 6
  • Other products to support your individual needs as determined in your one to one session.

You may also want to order:

  • Hair analysis to test for Heavy Metal toxicity in your body
  • Blood tests (some people like to do this both before and after the program).  I will supply a list of the ones to check and these can be ordered via your GP (usually free) or online (at your own cost).

Please note that swapping out your toxic ingredients for non toxic options may also cost extra initially.

You will also need access to a juicer, or to a supplier who can make cold pressed juices to order if you choose to do a juice cleanse. For the liver flush, although cold pressed fresh apple juice is ideal, you can use a good quality store bought juice instead.

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8-week Group Coaching


Please see the important information regarding the additional items you will need for the coaching as well as some optional extras.

Need a payment plan? Book a call with me to discuss a suitable payment plan.