Return to Bliss

Emotional Healing Process

The Return to Bliss is an emotional healing process based on the universal law of polarity.

Why we polarise?

Our senses are all receptors for our brain to perceive reality, but it is impossible for our brain to be conscious of the full quantum at any one time. Instead, we make sense of what we can by polarising our reality. It’s good or it’s bad. It’s beautiful or ugly. Happy or sad. Our brain is actually taking in all of the information but our senses, perceptions, memories and emotions focus on just one thing.

We polarise in order to get a sense of ourself. We attach a polarised view to our experiences. It was pleasure or pain, good or bad, kind or cruel. We attach emotion to those experiences, happy or sad, safe or scared, peaceful or violent. Attached to the emotion is the memory. Every time we have the memory we revisit the emotion that is attached to our polarised view of reality. Every time we do that we reinforce the neural pathway that brings these memories and emotions together.

As we have this polarised illusion we can not experience a positive and a negative emotion at the same time. Instead, every time we have an experience we place judgement on it. It was either positive or negative. If we perceive we had a positive experience we attach a positive emotion. If we believe we had a negative experience we attach a negative emotion.

Polarising gives us an identity. It enables us to define who we are and who we are not. Or who we want to believe we are and who we want to believe we are not. It motivates us. If we perceive something was missing then we are motivated to create it.

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Our Personal Reality (Personality)

We perceive and identify ourselves as a combination of all of our experiences, memories and emotions. We think we are our story. Our polarised illusion keeps us attached to our story. We believe that only one side exists, blinded to the fact that the opposite occurred at exactly the same time.

For example a person who perceives themselves as abused can not see that they were simultaneously loved and protected. They are attached to their story of abuse. All of their memories and emotions are attached to their perceived one sided negative experience.

As matter only manifests itself relative to how it is seen, so the personality manifests itself relative to how the experiences, memories and emotions are perceived.
Their personal reality is that they are abused.

Benefits of the Return to Bliss

The process consists of a series of questions which allow you to balance your perspective by shining a light on aspects of the story that you have been blinded to by your polarised illusion. When you are guided to see your own reality from all the perspectives to which you have been blind, you will create a new perception of who you are.

As we go through the process and see reality for all there is, we learn to see ourselves for all that we are. We see the blessings that existed simultaneously with our perceived pain. We see that everything happened in the way that it needed to happen in order for us to become all that we needed to be.

We are all all of the things some of the time. As we work on perceived negative traits in others, we learn to love ourselves for all that we are, including our previously “unloved” parts. As we realise what our unloved parts have given us we realise that we love those parts of us too.

Thus, as we change our perception of our past, and come to love our unloved parts, we change our personal reality.

This is the way to freedom and bliss.

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