Emotional Clearing

Nov 2, 2022

I have been receiving a series of Emotional Clearing sessions with Emma and I want to say that each session has been an incredible experience, resulting with a complete understanding of why my relationships were the way they were. We have covered both my parents, son and ex-husband so far, and I couldn’t believe I had so many stored up emotions sitting there that were unresolved and using up energy within me. Each session brings more understanding of all those people I love dearly, why they did what they did, and also more understanding of my own self and why I had those experiences and what I learnt about each one that has made me a stronger, more courageous and loving person. I still have a few more sessions to go and the last one will be on myself. I’m looking forward to doing that because I’m still quite hard on myself, and I really invalidate myself, and I’d really like to love myself more than I do.

Over the years I’ve had various different types of counselling to handle emotional issues, including Scientology Auditing which was pretty amazing in some ways, but I can honestly say that Emma’s Emotional Clearing sessions top the lot because they are a different technique altogether that comes from a completely different angle that you’d never think was possible. In these sessions with Emma I’m not treated like a victim, but rather that I’m the one with the answer deep down inside, and I work with Emma’s prompting, and as we go along it feels like we are digging a hole with a spade together, and just when I think that is the end of it we dig a little further, and a little further, until we come upon the exact thing that is holding it all together, and then when it is revealed, it is the most profound realisation about myself and my loved ones, that I could never imagine would have been possible to understand, and my whole self feels that everything that happened, was meant to happen exactly the way it did, and I feel whole again and more in touch with the universe around me.

I love this so much that I want to learn how to do this type of coaching so that I can help others the same way that Emma has helped me.

Thank you so much Emma, this is changing my life in the most incredible way.

Love and abundance to you, beautiful woman.