It’s Truly Beautiful How I Feel About Myself Now

Mar 25, 2023

I was blessed to have Emma and her Blissed Out emotional clearing technique cross my path recently – knowing that emotional clearing work is a huge part of the big picture to healing our mind body and soul, especially when racked with illnesses, blockages, inflammation and dis-ease in our bodies.

I found the process really gentle yet quietly powerful, (unlike some other techniques which left me feeling uneasy about the process and not sure I achieved anything
personal at all). I really enjoyed exploring the connections of those in my life and how we examined not only how I was affected by experiences throughout my life but how
others also were affected and my role in the circumstances.

I’ve come away with a certain peace within that I’ve never had before and it’s truly beautiful how I feel about myself now.

Thanks Emma. I’m so pleased I trusted you to hold my space so gently and guide me – I felt like precious cargo. You’re a true gem.

Big love ❤ to you and all you do.

Mandy Smith, NSW